The innovative frameless glazing solution

Spec 21 are the official distributor for the innovative Cover Global frameless glazing solution...

Cover Glass Curtain System is a European product of high quality, beauty and durability. The glass panels have no frames between them. The mechanism of panel sliding and opening is hidden inside the profiles.

Specially designed hinges allow the glass panels to slide individually and open inward, which makes window cleaning exceptionally easy and safe. The toughened security glass, with margins polished, can be 6, 8 or 10mm, depending on the height of the balcony and local requirements.

Freedom of choice

Cover Glass Curtain System suits balconies of all shapes and types. The glass panels can all be closed to form a complete enclosure for your balcony. On the other hand, you can choose to open your balcony partially or completely at any time you wish.

This is definitely the advantage that both architects and users can utilize. The innovative structure and unique functions of Cover Glass Curtain System crowns your balcony as the “outdoor living room”, whether you view it from inside or outside.

A new dimension for your home

Cover Glass Curtain System is a perfect solution for your home. It is installed on or built together with your balcony, giving a sophisticated finishing touch to the building appearance. It improves the comfort of your living and increases the value of your apartment.

Cover Glass Curtain System is composed of strong aluminium profiles and safety glass, complemented by flexible and durable accessories. It provides protection to your balcony against undesirable weather and reduces the maintenance costs considerably.

Utility and convenience

Cover Glass Curtain System offers a cheerful and enjoyable atmosphere on your balcony all year round. The glazed balcony is a great meeting place for family and friends. It is a protected and safe but still naturally ventilated playground for children and pets. You can also use it for hobbies and household work and feel like being outdoors. For families with limited space, it can be valuable extra space. With Cover System, you can convert your balcony into a garden where flowers and plants thrive during most times of the year.